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Transaction Tax Services

Transaction Tax Services

At Andersen Egypt, we recognize that restructuring, as part of our transaction tax services, can be a powerful tool to achieve operational, financial, and legal efficiencies. However, when executed incorrectly, it may result in adverse tax consequences for enterprises operating in Egypt. Efficient planning and meticulous analysis are crucial to minimize tax costs associated with restructuring exercises.


  • Acquisition Structuring and Restructuring: Whether our clients are acquiring new entities or reorganizing their existing holdings, our professionals are skilled at structuring transactions in a tax-efficient manner. We help our clients make informed decisions to optimize their financial outcomes
  • Mergers and Demergers: Mergers and demergers are intricate processes that require careful consideration of tax implications. Our tax specialists guide our clients through the complexities, ensuring that their transactions are structured to minimize tax burdens and achieve your strategic goals
  • Cash Repatriation: Efficiently repatriating cash from offshore entities is a common challenge. We provide strategic guidance on the tax implications of cash repatriation, helping you make informed decisions that align with your financial objectives
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO): Taking a company public is a significant milestone. Our tax specialists assist our clients in the tax planning and structuring of their IPOs, ensuring that they are well-prepared for the transition to a public entity while minimizing tax exposure

Our tax experts recognize that restructuring and complex transactions, essential components of our transaction tax services, demand thorough planning for optimal tax efficiency. Leveraging our deep understanding and dedication to our clients’ financial achievements, we guide them through the complex tax environment, ensuring their transactions are optimally structured to reduce tax liabilities while fulfilling their operational and financial objectives.

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