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Legal Alerts . June 8, 2021

On March 6th 2021, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi issued Law no. 5 of 2021 amending a number of provisions of Tax Real Estate Disposition Law.....

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Legal Alerts . June 1, 2021

The Financial Regulatory Authority (“FRA”) has launched the Egyptian Collateral Registry according to the Movable Collateral Law No. 115 of 2015. Egypt is considered one of the first countries to issue a law regulating movable guarantees in the Arab Region.....

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Legal Alerts . May 26, 2021

Is It Permissible to Challenge a Court Judgment Ruling on the Appointment of an Arbitrator? Arbitration is considered the primary alternative dispute resolution method, whereby parties avoid resorting to courts.…

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Legal Alerts . May 18, 2021

New Customs Obligations for Importing to EgyptDecree No. 38 of 2021 The Minister of Finance, Dr. Mohamed Maait, published decree no. 38 of 2021 regarding the Advance Cargo Information “ACI”…

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Legal Alerts . May 10, 2021

Implementation of the Foreign Arbitration Award in Egypt Arbitration is a contractual form of legal settlement for domestic and/or international disputes. Any given party’s right to refer their dispute to…

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