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Founded on a cornerstone of excellence and dedication, Maher Milad Iskander & Co. emerged to become Andersen in Egypt, a full member of Andersen Global. Resolute in our mission to deliver unparalleled counsel and strategic insight at every juncture, our firm serves as a premier resource for clients seeking comprehensive solutions.

From the bustling heart of Cairo, we’ve sculpted a legacy underscored by an unwavering commitment — a harmonious brigade of experts zealously navigating our clients through their most intricate quandaries.

Our domain expertise sprawls expansively, ranging from corporate law and tax advice to financial strategising. In the vast and varied tapestry of Egyptian commerce and beyond its borders, our footprints are indelible.

Both for budding enterprises and industry titans, we stand as the beacon of guidance, charting courses through unpredictable waters. Whether orchestrating groundbreaking deals, leading meticulous investigations, or stewarding boards towards informed decisions, Andersen in Egypt remains a name synonymous with precision and prowess. We’re not merely participants in the industry; we’re the maestros.

The essence of Andersen in Egypt, one of the biggest law firms in Egypt, is epitomized not just in what we do but how we do it. Our structure, deliberately streamlined, emphasizes the primacy of seasoned guidance over sheer numbers. Each engagement is approached not as a task but as an art form, meriting the focused expertise and bespoke strategies our partners bring to the table.

This dedication to excellence, paired with our nimble and innovative approach, magnetises the brightest minds in the industry, ensuring that our clients always receive solutions that are not just effective but pioneering.

In the ever-evolving realm of law, tax, and finance, Andersen in Egypt stands as both a guardian and a trailblazer, fostering trust and sculpting futures.

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