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Tax Alerts . July 21, 2024

With the arrival of July 2024, the deadlines for new funders to join the salary and payroll system in Egypt are approaching.

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Tax Alerts . July 17, 2024

The due tax on machinery and equipment imported from abroad or purchased from the local market for factories and production units for use in industrial production is deferred for one year from the date of release or purchase.

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Tax Alerts . July 15, 2024

As businesses strive to comply with Pillar Two (P2) regulations, they face significant administrative challenges that impact their ability to meet reporting and regulatory requirements.

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Tax Alerts . July 14, 2024

Value Added Tax (VAT) tops the list of tax revenues, accounting for the largest share of tax collections. Consequently, VAT refund operations are part of investment incentives.

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Tax Alerts . July 8, 2024

Input tax is the tax borne by the taxpayer when purchasing or importing goods (including machinery and equipment) and services, whether directly or indirectly related to the sale of goods or provision of taxable services.

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