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Direct & Indirect Taxation Services

Direct & Indirect Taxation Services

Andersen Egypt, a prominent direct and indirect taxation firm in Egypt, offers customized services for navigating Egypt’s complex tax environment. With a rich legacy established through years of unwavering dedication, we have firmly positioned ourselves as a trusted partner in the complex realm of Egyptian taxation.

Our expertise in direct and indirect taxation is the result of relentless commitment to excellence. Over the years, we have cultivated strong partnerships with major corporations and industry leaders, meticulously assisting them in minimizing tax liabilities while ensuring strict compliance with the dynamic and evolving tax regulations in Egypt.


  • Regulatory Compliance: Our team of tax professionals assesses compliance against Egypt’s local tax regulations, spanning corporate, individual, and withholding tax domains. Our methodical approach guarantees that your tax practices consistently align with the law
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns: We surpass the standard evaluation process by reviewing and certifying corporate income tax returns, ensuring not only precision but also unwavering compliance
  • Holistic Tax Review Services: Egypt’s taxation landscape encompasses various tax types, including VAT, stamp duties, and customs. Our tax review services provide a comprehensive assessment, ensuring ongoing compliance while expertly mitigating potential risks
  • Payroll and Employee Taxation: Our payroll services cover all aspects, from precise computation to ensuring complete tax compliance for every employee. This ensures that your employees’ financial well-being is secure and compliant with tax laws
  • Strategic Tax Consultations: Recognizing that taxation transcends mere compliance, our consultations delve deep into your financial structure, aiming to carve out pathways that not only minimize your tax exposure but also positively influence your bottom line

For all your direct and indirect taxation needs in Egypt, Andersen Egypt is your trusted partner. As one of the leading direct and indirect taxation firms in Egypt, our expertise, dedication to excellence, and unwavering commitment to safeguarding your financial interests stand as one of the core values of our firm.

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