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Tax Dispute Resolution

Tax Dispute Resolution

Our combined expertise as a legal and taxation office uniquely positions us to excel in Tax Dispute Resolution. Our tax experts and lawyers represent clients across a variety of tax disputes.


  • Tax Advice: Strategy and representation in management, collection, sanction, and tax inspection procedures
  • Error Assistance: Assistance in special review procedures, such as revocation, rectification of errors, or return of undue revenue.
  • Strategy Planning: Planning of the procedural and argumentative strategy
  • Defense Preparation: Preparation of defense against judicial and/or administrative precautionary measures adopted in tax proceedings
  • Appeals Filing: Preparation and filing of the corresponding appeals in all instances of the contentious-administrative proceedings, including appeals in cassation
  • Criminal Defense: Defense and planning of the procedural strategy in economic criminal proceedings, especially in cases of crimes against the Public Treasury
  • Administrative Assistance: Assistance in procedures of patrimonial responsibility of the Administration
  • Tax Queries: Presentation of queries before the Egyptian Tax Authority and support in the taxpayer’s dialogue with the Tax Administration in all types of proceedings

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