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As one of the premier bookkeeping firms in Egypt, we are acutely aware of the nuances and specificities of the Egyptian market. Our experience and expertise in the realm of bookkeeping not only ensure compliance with local regulations but also furnish businesses with a clear financial roadmap.


Cash Flow Management

  • Cash Disbursements: We handle the execution of your cash disbursements, ensuring each payment is processed in a rigorous and timely manner, adhering to the set financial obligations
  • Accounts Payable Processing: We take charge of your payable accounts, managing them with precision to ensure every liability is tracked and settled
  • Sales Invoicing: Our team manages the creation and issuance of invoices, ensuring timely revenue realization
  • Accounts Receivable Processing: We oversee the collection processes, optimizing your cash inflow
  • Cash Management: Our strategies ensure optimal liquidity and returns on idle cash

Inventory and Asset Management

  • Inventory Management: From procurement to warehousing, we ensure efficient stock management
  • Fixed Assets: We maintain your fixed assets ledger in line with accounting standards


  • Budgets & Cash Flow Projection: Forecasting potential revenues and expenditures for clarity on future liquidity
  • Payroll: Comprehensive services ensuring accurate and compliant employee compensation

Recording and Reporting

  • Financial Transaction Recording: Meticulous recording and categorization of every financial transaction
  • Monthly Financial Reports: Regular reports capturing key metrics of your financial performance


  • Account Reconciliation: Ensuring accuracy and integrity of your financial data by matching balances with corresponding records

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