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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Andersen’s real estate lawyers in Egypt provide comprehensive services in advising on all legal aspects of real estate investments. Our team at Andersen Egypt guides clients through the complexities of Egyptian real estate law, ensuring their ventures are legally sound, profitable, and protected.

With vast experience in real estate and construction law, we excel in all facets of real estate promotion, negotiation, and acquisition of land and properties. Our real estate lawyers in Egypt collaborate with architects, engineers, and other key professionals, ensuring every contract drafted is thorough and protective of our clients’ interests.

Our approach is client-centered, ensuring that every aspect of our clients’ real estate ventures is well-tended, from the initial planning stages through to the finalization of contracts and beyond.


  • Due Diligence Reports Preparation: Rigorous analysis and preparation of due diligence reports on real estate and tourist properties, ensuring a solid foundation for asset financing
  • Real Estate Companies Setup: Expert guidance on the establishment of real estate companies, coupled with adept corporate finance advice, rendered by our proficient real estate lawyers in Egypt
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiation: Skilled drafting and negotiation of a wide array of sale contracts, real estate agreements, and land development contracts tailored to safeguard our clients’ investments
  • Distressed Debt and Financial Restructuring: Proficient handling of distressed debt situations, with a keen focus on financial restructuring and securing judicial approvals, ensuring our clients’ financial stability
  • Lease Agreement Drafting and Negotiation: Crafting robust lease agreements for the assignment of possession, use, and enjoyment of real estate assets, alongside associated guarantees, all under the expert guidance of our real estate lawyers in Egypt
  • Real Estate Promotion and Construction Procedures Advising: Providing astute advice to real estate promoters on promotion and construction procedures, ensuring legal compliance and risk mitigation for our clients
  • Real Estate Operations Financing: In-depth advice on financing options for real estate operations, tailored to align with our clients’ investment strategies, rendered by our adept real estate lawyers in Egypt
  • Tourist Industry Companies Advising: Specialized advising for companies in the tourist industry, navigating the legal frameworks pertinent to real estate and construction, ensuring our clients remain legally compliant and well-advised

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