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Egyptian Real Estate in Focus: Unveiling CIP Changes

Egypt, with its storied history and vibrant culture, has long been a magnet for global investors, especially those keen on Egyptian real estate. Recognising this interest, the Egyptian government rolled out the Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP).

This initiative was designed to bolster real estate in Egypt, making the country an even more enticing destination for those aiming for dual citizenship.

Originally, the real estate component of this program was centred around properties crafted by CityEdge. However, recent changes have expanded the scope, broadening the appeal of Egyptian real estate for potential investors.

The Beginning: CityEdge’s Dominance in Egyptian Real Estate

In the initial phase, the program’s real estate avenue was fairly limited. Investors were directed towards properties developed by CityEdge, with an entry point set at USD $300,000. CityEdge, a noted name in Egyptian real estate, predominantly offered upscale properties in Egypt’s sought-after areas. This approach worked for some but also sidelined a significant portion of real estate in Egypt from the program.

The Update: Widening the Horizons of Real Estate in Egypt

Acknowledging the broader allure of Egyptian real estate, the government decided to refresh the program’s guidelines. Presently, any property within Egypt qualifies for the CIP, provided the investment starts at USD $300,000.

The updated structure offers multiple advantages:

  • Enhanced Selection: With the entire landscape of Egyptian real estate now open, choices range from contemporary homes along the Red Sea to traditional dwellings in historic regions.
  • Increased Flexibility: Investors are no longer bound to a single developer, allowing a more free-flowing engagement with real estate in Egypt.
  • Economic Uplift: The inclusion of a wider array of properties promises to boost foreign investments across diverse regions of Egypt.

Implications for Investors Eyeing Egyptian Real Estate

For those keen on delving into Egyptian real estate, this revised framework is undeniably beneficial. They have the liberty to collaborate with any real estate agent active in Egypt or even engage directly with property owners.

Moreover, the new structure encourages investors to diversify. From commercial hubs to serene residential spaces and heritage landmarks, real estate in Egypt now presents a gamut of enticing options.


The proactive steps taken by Egypt to revamp its CIP guidelines, especially in the realm of real estate, underline its intent to remain a prime destination for investors. For Andersen Egypt and its patrons, the enriched focus on Egyptian real estate signifies more avenues and better prospects.

For a deeper dive into the rejuvenated CIP and the myriad opportunities in Egyptian real estate, connect with Andersen Egypt – your trusted ally in navigating the vibrant Egyptian property landscape.

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