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Legal Alerts . February 2, 2022

Bankruptcy disrupts a merchant financial condition, leading to the inability to fulfill financial obligations and cease paying debts to creditors.

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Legal Alerts . January 26, 2022

Real estate disposition tax falls under the category of income tax, which is imposed directly on real estate at a rate of 2.5 percent of the value of the disposition. This tax is paid once the property has been disposed of, and is only applicable on natural persons, notwithstanding the fact that companies and legal persons, are still subject to other payments to the Egyptian Tax Authority. 

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Legal Alerts . January 18, 2022

Intellectual property represents a category of intangible properties which are a creation of the mind’, such as inventions, industrial models, trademarks, books, symbols and names.  Such rights are no different from other property rights.

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Legal Alerts . January 12, 2022

Tax exemption is an exception from the general tax system and is one of the types of tax incentives that a government grants to a specific group of individuals or organizations.

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Legal Alerts . January 5, 2022

Digital evidence is any electronic information that has the strength or evidentiary value that is stored, transmitted, extracted, or taken from computers or information networks and the like, in the form of magnetic or electrical fields or pulses that can be collected and analyzed using special technological devices, programs or applications.

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