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Legal Alerts . April 20, 2022

Acquisition of ownership by prescription is one of the legal reasons for transferring property ownership, due to the expiry of a right that the owner was entitled to..

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Legal Alerts . April 13, 2022

The Nationality Law regulates the relationship between an individual and the state, whether he is a citizen or a foreigner who wants to be naturalized.

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Legal Alerts . April 6, 2022

The ownership right is one of the most important rights that are included in all international laws as it impacts the state and its economic, social, and political environment.

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Legal Alerts . March 30, 2022

Recently, the non-banking financial activities sector occupied a prominent position among investment vessels and achieved remarkable returns in the field of consumer finance.

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Legal Alerts . March 22, 2022

Egyptian currency is witnessing today, the largest decline in 5 years to record 18.21 pounds against the dollar, the Egyptian financial and monetary policy remain flexible enough to control prices

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