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Valuations and Business Modelling (V&BM)

Valuations and Business Modelling (V&BM)

Andersen Egypt’s valuations team, as one of the valuation firms in Egypt, advises clients on transactional matters for informed decisions. Additionally, Coupled with our adept business modelling squad, we extend expansive support, encompassing model review, assistance, and build functions crucial for pivotal decisions and enhanced strategic results. As one of the premier valuation firms in Egypt, our services span a broad spectrum:

1- Advising on Price and Fair Value for M&A:
Gain invaluable insights into determining the price or fair value of enterprises for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) endeavors. Moreover, our expert scrutiny ensures clients remain ahead, making savvy investment choices as informed valuation specialists.

2- Valuations for Tax Purposes:
Drawing from our status as a licensed valuation firm in Egypt, we offer meticulous valuations for tax considerations, encompassing capital gain tax evaluations. Additionally, our precise and dependable valuation records bolster tax adherence and strategic planning.

3- Damage Assessment and Quantification:
Specializing in damage evaluation, our team adeptly handles assessments and quantifications for litigation and international arbitration scenarios. Consequently, lean on our rigorous methodology for exact valuations and efficient dispute settlements.

4- Valuations for Financial Reporting:
With compliance at the forefront, we ensure alignment with accounting norms through our valuations for financial reporting. This includes proficiency spans impairment tests and fair value evaluations, propelling informed fiscal resolutions.

5- Valuations of Intangible Assets:
Delve into the potential of intangible assets with our specialized valuation offerings. Particularly, undertaking evaluations, inclusive of Purchase Price Allocations (PPA), we furnish comprehensive analyses, positioning clients to accurately gauge the value of intangible assets in multifaceted business environments.

6- Modelling Support for Strategic Decisions:

As leading valuation specialists in Egypt, rely on our modeling backup for strategic decision-making, mergers, acquisitions, project finance, private equity transactions, pricing, bid evaluation, and restructuring. Importantly, our tailor-made models enable clients to evaluate prospective results and refine business tactics.

Harness the expertise of Andersen Egypt, one of the top-tier valuations firms in Egypt. Dedicated to excellence, our services guarantee precision, compliance, and strategic foresight in every valuation endeavor.

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