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Transactions Services (TS)

Transactions Services (TS)

At Andersen in Egypt, our TS team provides robust diligence advice to corporate and private equity entities in all types of transactions. The TS team also provide deal structuring advice and sell side services. Andersen in Egypt’s TS team provides the following due diligence services

Buy-Side Financial Due Diligence

The potential buyer of a business needs to understand the financial dynamics and get comfort on the business assumptions developed for the future of the business before negotiating a deal.

Our TS team help potential buyers in assessing funding requirements, financial projections and other financial matters to be considered in the sale and purchase agreement. This includes a detailed analysis of the key drivers of business performance, quality of earnings, cash flows, working capital and net debt.

Vendor Financial Due Diligence

Vendor financial due diligence is initiated by the seller and presents an independent in-depth review of financial information to potential buyers to help them understand the business and its financial performance.

At Andersen in Egypt, our TS team assist the clients with the following:

  • Work closely with client’s management to generate one central set of financial information and explanations to address the concerns and issues relevant to potential buyers of the business.
  • Help the seller to remain in control of the transaction for the longest possible period.
  • Develop a virtual data room (VDR) to facilitate the deal process.
  • Help identify potential issues to the business that could be a future deal breaker.
Pre-Deal Diligence

Pre-deal operational diligence focuses on the critical assessment of business plans and on identifying operational efficiencies, cost reduction opportunities and synergies, for the purpose of maximizing the deal value. The team is comprised of professionals who possess extensive industry and consulting knowledge. Our pre-deal diligence services includes the following:

  • Analysis of the operational capability of a target business.
  • Testing the impact of the potential cost reduction and restructuring plans on the value of the business.
  • Synergy identification and analysis.
  • Assessment of potential operational risks.

Following a transaction, the Andersen team can provide post-merger integration, operations improvement, and carve-out services to private equity firms and corporates in order to deliver and track benefits arising from a transaction as well as mitigate identified risk issues.

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