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Acquiring Egyptian Citizenship by Investment

Egypt’s citizenship-by-investment program offers foreign investors unique pathways to obtain citizenship. The recently amended Egyptian Nationality Law No. 876 of 2023 presents several investment avenues, aimed at stimulating economic growth in the country. Discover the benefits of acquiring Egyptian citizenship by investment.

Investment in Egyptian Real Estate for Citizenship

Egyptian citizenship through real estate investment is an attractive option. To be eligible, applicants must purchase real estate owned by the state or public legal entities, worth a minimum of 300,000 US dollars. The purchase funds must be transferred from abroad.

Acquiring Egyptian Citizenship through Business Investment

Business investment provides an alternative route to Egyptian citizenship. An investment of at least 350,000 US dollars in establishing or participating in an investment project can lead to citizenship, along with a deposit of 100,000 dollars in the state treasury as non-refundable direct revenues.

Unpacking the Egyptian Direct Cash Deposit Program

For prospective investors, the Direct Cash Deposit Program under the Egyptian Nationality Law is a highly appealing option. Here are the highlights:

  • Recoverable Deposits: A deposit of 500,000 US dollars allows recovery after three years, without any interest, provided that it has entered the Arab Republic of Egypt through one of the customs ports and has been proven customarily.
  • Non-recoverable Deposits: The program also includes a direct, non-refundable deposit of 250,000 US dollars. This sum, transferred from abroad in foreign currency, goes directly to the state’s public treasury.  An amount of no less than 350,000 US dollars in case of construction or participation in an investment project, which is transferred from abroad, with a deposit of 100,000 dollars in the state’s public treasury.

The Bond Option

Delving into the bond option in Egypt’s Citizenship by Investment program unfolds myriad opportunities for prospective investors. This path provides two distinctive options. First, investors can secure a deposit of $500,000, which will be returned after five years, offering an elongated, secure pathway to citizenship. For those desiring a faster route, a deposit of $1,000,000 can be made, which is returnable after just three years. The bond investment, transferred from abroad, offers a flexible and financially secure path to Egyptian citizenship.

Client Support for Egyptian Citizenship by Investment

We guide clients through each step of Egypt’s citizenship by investment program, ensuring they understand the process and make well-informed decisions.

Our professional team, expert in the nuances of the Egyptian Nationality Law, provides personalized service, understanding your individual needs and investment ambitions before advising on optimal citizenship paths.

We also manage the necessary paperwork and coordinate with relevant authorities, ensuring a seamless, hassle-free application process. Our primary objective is to provide clients with an effortless path to Egyptian citizenship through investment, leveraging the economic benefits the program offers.

Our unmatched expertise and commitment to client satisfaction will make the process of gaining Egyptian citizenship by investment seamless and effortless.

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