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The Egyptian Citizenship by Investment Program

The Egyptian Citizenship by Investment program presents an outstanding opportunity for international investors seeking to leverage Egypt’s strategic geographical positioning and its robust economic landscape. This program not only offers a gateway to global mobility but also promises significant economic benefits in one of the Middle East’s rapidly growing markets.

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Egyptian Citizenship by Investment

Living in Egypt

Egypt, considered a cradle of civilization, witnessed some of the earliest advancements in writing, agriculture, urbanization, organized religion, and central government.

With a history spanning over six millennia, Egypt is home to seven UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Great Pyramids of Giza and Ancient Thebes, the former capital of Egypt. Landmarks such as the Great Sphinx of Giza, one of the world’s largest sculptures, and other ancient sites contribute to the country’s rich archaeological and cultural heritage, attracting tourists from around the globe and bolstering a vibrant tourism industry.

The Arab Republic of Egypt benefits from its strategic location, bridging Northwestern Africa and Southwestern Asia. This advantageous position fosters a thriving global trade environment, placing Egypt among the largest export markets for goods and services in the Middle East. The country serves as a vital link between Africa and Asia via the Sinai Peninsula, making it an appealing gateway to global markets for investors.
egyptian citizenship by investment

Egyptian Citizenship by Investment Requirements

Egyptian Citizenship by Investment


A non-refundable contribution of $250,000 to the national treasury.

Egyptian Citizenship by Investment

Bank Deposit

A refundable deposit of $500,000 in USD, returnable after three years without interest, via an official Egyptian Government bank.

Egyptian Citizenship by Investment

Real Estate Investment

Invest at least $300,000 in real estate owned by Egyptian real estate development companies.

Egyptian Citizenship by Investment

Business Investment

Invest a minimum of $350,000 in a business venture, with an additional non-refundable $100,000 paid directly to the state treasury.

Egyptian Citizenship by Investment Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions​

FAQ Section

How to Get an Egyptian Passport?

To obtain an Egyptian passport, a foreigner must invest in the country’s economy by either buying real estate for at least $300,000, investing in a project with a minimum of $350,000, making a direct contribution of $250,000, or placing an interest-free deposit of $500,000 or more in a local bank for 3 years. Additionally, a government fee of $10,000 must be paid, regardless of the chosen investment option.

Does Egypt Allow Dual Citizenship?

Yes, Egypt permits dual citizenship, allowing investors to retain their existing passports.

What are the Requirements for the Citizenship by Investment Program in Egypt?

Applicants must be in good health and possess a clear police record. All investments must be made in US dollars and transferred from abroad. Donations and bank deposits must be directed to a special account of the Citizenship by Investment Unit at the Central Bank of Egypt treasury.

Who is Eligible for the Egypt Citizenship by Investment Program?

The program targets foreign investors of all nationalities, requiring a Due Diligence check. Main applicants must provide proof of legal income and pass a medical exam. Minor children under 21 can obtain citizenship with the main applicant, and spouses receive a passport two years later.

How Much is Egyptian citizenship?

Applicants must invest a minimum of $250,000 as a non-refundable donation to the Egyptian government. Alternatively, they can invest $300,000 in real estate, $350,000 in an existing or new business, or make a $500,000 deposit in an Egyptian bank account.

How Long does it Take to Get Egyptian Citizenship?

The process of obtaining Egyptian citizenship takes between 6 to 12 months.

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