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Criminal Law

Legal Alerts AR . June 21, 2022

الدفاع الشرعي، هو حق يخوله القانون للفرد فيبيح لَهُ استخدام الْقدر اللَّازِم من القوة الملائمة لدرأ خطرا حال غير مشروع يهدد نفسه او عرضه او ماله او نفس الغير او عرضه او ماله...

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Legal Alerts . March 2, 2022

Increasing profit is the main driving force behind the continuity and diversification of companies’ activities. This in turn feeds back into each country’s GDP, in addition to acting as an incentive for entrepreneurs to continue investing, and for companies to increase their market share.

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Legal Alerts AR . March 2, 2022

يعد تحقيق الأرباح من أهم مبررات استمرارية نشاط الشركات لما فى ذلك من نجاح وتطور محرز لتلك الشركة وحافزا كبيرا للمستثمرين

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Legal Services . January 21, 2022

Andersen in Egypt has an exceptional track record of working with corporations, banks and individuals, all of whom have benefited from our straight-forward, realistic and seasoned advice.

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Legal Alerts . January 5, 2022

Digital evidence is any electronic information that has the strength or evidentiary value that is stored, transmitted, extracted, or taken from computers or information networks and the like, in the form of magnetic or electrical fields or pulses that can be collected and analyzed using special technological devices, programs or applications.

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