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Corporate Governance in Egypt: Laws, Responsibilities, and Best Practices

In Egypt’s evolving business landscape, corporate governance stands as a cornerstone, guiding companies towards sustainable growth, ethical practices, and regulatory compliance. This article provides an in-depth look at corporate governance within the Egyptian context, examining key laws, responsibilities of managers, and other critical elements that shape corporate conduct and accountability.

What is Corporate Governance in Egypt?

Corporate governance in Egypt refers to the system of rules, practices, and processes by which companies are directed and controlled. It encompasses a set of mechanisms through which an organization aligns its objectives with the interests of its stakeholders, including shareholders, management, employees, and the wider community.

Key Laws and Regulations:

  • Companies Law No. 159 of 1981: This foundational law outlines the regulatory framework for the incorporation, management, and dissolution of companies in Egypt, including governance aspects like shareholder rights and board responsibilities.
  • EGX Listing Rules: For companies listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, these rules demand adherence to stringent governance standards, focusing on transparency, accountability, and shareholder rights.
  • Banking Law No. 88 of 2003: This law governs banking institutions, emphasizing robust governance structures for risk management and operational integrity.

Responsibilities of Managers in Egyptian Companies:

Managers and board members in Egyptian companies bear significant responsibilities to ensure ethical and effective governance. These include:

  • Adhering to the Duty of Care and Loyalty: Acting in the company’s best interest with integrity and commitment.
  • Ensuring Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Upholding all applicable laws and regulations relevant to the company’s operations.
  • Financial Stewardship: Overseeing financial affairs to ensure accuracy, transparency, and regulatory compliance in reporting.
  • Managing Conflicts of Interest: Identifying and appropriately addressing any potential conflicts of interest.

Board Structure and Governance Practices:

Effective corporate governance in Egypt hinges on a well-structured board. This includes the delineation of roles, the inclusion of independent directors, and the establishment of key committees like audit and risk management to enhance board oversight and strategic decision-making.

Transparency and Reporting Standards:

A cornerstone of corporate governance is the commitment to transparency. This involves clear and open communication with stakeholders and adherence to high standards in financial and operational reporting.

Protecting Shareholder Interests:

Central to good governance is safeguarding the rights of all shareholders, including minority interests. This involves equitable treatment of shareholders and mechanisms to address their concerns and inputs effectively.

Ethical Conduct and Corporate Responsibility:

Promoting a culture of ethical behavior is fundamental. This encompasses implementing anti-corruption policies, enforcing ethical standards, and establishing channels for reporting unethical conduct.

Risk Management and Oversight:

Robust governance requires effective risk management strategies. Companies need to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks, ensuring long-term sustainability and operational resilience. Andersen Egypt boasts some of the most renowned legal due diligence and risk assessment attorneys in the Republic. To learn more about Andersen Egypt’s legal due diligence services, click here.


Corporate governance in Egypt is a multifaceted concept, integral to the health and success of businesses. By embracing strong governance practices, companies can achieve not only compliance but also foster trust, attract investment, and secure their position as responsible corporate entities in the Egyptian market and beyond.

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