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Transfer Pricing: Basic Concepts

Explore the intricate world of transfer pricing in Egypt with Andersen expert-led course tailored for professionals and corporate executives. Dive into the key principles, methodologies, and global best practices of. Enhance your strategic understanding to navigate complex intercompany transactions and stay compliant. Equip yourself with the essential tools to drive optimal business decisions in a globalized economy. Enhance transfer pricing awareness to ensure a comprehensive grasp of the nuances and impacts of these practices.

Sohaila Mahmoud

Instructor: Sohaila Mahmoud

Transfer Pricing Lead

Beginner level

Recommended Experience

Approx. 6 hours to complete

2 weeks at 3 hours a week


The 29th of February


In today’s globalised business environment, transfer pricing stands out as one of the most critical areas of international tax. Andersen Transfer Pricing in Egypt Course serves as a beacon for those who want to navigate this complex terrain with confidence.

Why Transfer Pricing Matters:

As multinational entities expand their reach, inter-company transactions become more frequent and varied.
Understanding the principles and nuances of transfer pricing is essential not just for compliance but also for optimal business strategy and risk management. 

Course Overview:

This comprehensive module is tailored to provide both foundational knowledge and advanced insights. We cover key methodologies,

documentation requirements, and real-world case studies to ensure a holistic understanding.

What You Will Gain:

Participants will emerge with a robust understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of transfer pricing.
Beyond regulatory compliance, you’ll learn to leverage these insights for strategic advantage, ensuring your organisation remains competitive and compliant in the global market.

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Immerse yourself in this essential subject with Andersen Egypt, and arm yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions in the world of international tax

Course Content

What You Will Learn

Course Fundamentals


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English & Arabic

Quizzes and Assessments

4 Quizzes, 3 Assessments

Required Experience

This Transfer Pricing Course is meticulously crafted for corporate executives and professionals who are actively engaged in representing their respective companies. It assumes a foundational understanding of international business operations and tax frameworks. Given the course’s advanced nature and focus on strategic implications, it’s particularly suited for those who are not just seeking knowledge but are in positions to implement these learnings in real-world scenarios. Participants are typically individuals who are tasked with decision-making roles within their organizations and are looking to sharpen their expertise in transfer pricing to drive strategic advantage for their companies.

Earn a Career Certificate

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Career Certificate from Andersen Egypt.
This certificate serves as a testament to your advanced knowledge in transfer pricing, enhancing your professional credibility and standing in the industry