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Transfer Pricing: Basic concepts and compliances

Are you ready to master the complexities of Transfer Pricing Compliance? Join us for an enriching learning experience led by none other than Sohila Mahmoud, the distinguished Transfer Pricing Lead at Andersen in Egypt. With her extensive expertise and unique insights, Sohila is here to guide you through the intricacies of transfer pricing strategies.


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Instructor: Sohaila Mahmoud

Transfer Pricing Lead

Beginner level

Recommended Experience

Approx. 10 hours to complete

3 weeks at 3 hours a week


Starts 9th of  Novemeber


We are thrilled to introduce our upcoming Transfer Pricing Course, designed to empower professionals like you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in this critical area of international business.


Why Transfer Pricing Matters: In an increasingly interconnected global economy, transfer pricing plays a pivotal role in ensuring fair and compliant transactions within multinational corporations.


Companies must establish accurate transfer pricing strategies to align with international regulations and avoid potential disputes.


Who Should Attend: This course is ideal for tax professionals, financial analysts, accountants, and business executives who want to enhance their expertise in transfer pricing and ensure compliance in their international operations, Also help you to gain the international certificate.

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