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Tax Alert 110

Electronic Submission of VAT Returns

Decree No 695/2018 of December the 5th of 2018 to amend VAT law executive regulation issued by the Egyptian Minister of Finance which stated the following:

1)  Amending article 16 of the VAT executive regulation to oblige taxpayers of the Electronic submission of VAT returns via the Egyptian Tax Authority portal and will be applied from January 2019.

This is for all types of VAT returns, whether general rate at 14% or table VAT rate, whichever.

This will be submitted via the Egyptian Tax Authority portal and will be applied from January 2019.

2) Moreover, the Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority must take all necessary actions, for the implementation of paragraph 1 of this decree.

This decree has been issued on the 5th of December 2018.

Responsibility and Commitment:

Andersen Tax & Legal Egypt’s tax team has prepared this summarized tax report to introduce Decree No.695/2018. Efforts have been combined to produce this report with clear and accurate content however this report aims only to spread general information and should not be treated as a legal document or a document that can be used for decision making, or for issuing specialized consultations. Please contact Andersen Tax & Legal Egypt for tailor made solutions.

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