Egypt Land of Opportunities 2019

This book is an economic guide on doing business in Egypt. The book explains Investment Law no. 72 of 2017, and the opportunities for investment which are available in the country, for example, investing in education, investing in real estate, investing in start ups, investing in agriculture,  and investing in the oil and gas sector. The book also explains how to start a business in Egypt, and introduces you to the different types of companies that are available. This book was a combined effort between Andersen Tax & Legal Egypt and the Ministry of Investment, and we would like to thank Sahar Nasr for all of the support she provided for the books. We hope that the book is useful for investors and will entice them to make new investments in our Egypt.

Corporate Governance

This book has been prepared by the professionals at Andersen Tax & legal Egypt.
The contents of the book intend to describe the accounting and legal obligations imposed on joint
stock companies after formation, to allow them to remain in operation in accordance with local