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Andersen in Egypt Firm Contribution

Andersen in Egypt Firm Contributor With Most Reader Response In Egypt


During February 2019, Andersen in  Egypt won “Contributor With Most Reader Response In Egypt” award.

At the end of every month, for each country, Mondaq analyses which articles elicited the most reader response from their registered business readers: ‘The Most Reader Response’. Reader response is based on readers who have emailed the contributor as a result of reading the article, gone from the article to the contributor’s website or address details, or provided a qualitative ranking for the article as to how useful they found it.

Click here to view Andersen Egypt’s Firm page on mondaq.

Below are the last few articles added by Andersen in  Egypt:
The Role Of Egyptian Courts In Arbitration (Andersen Tax & Legal Egypt)
Real Estate Tax Law Amendment (Andersen Tax & Legal Egypt)
Tax Authority Research Department Letter On Comprehensive Medical Insurance Scheme (Andersen Tax & Legal Egypt)
On The Facilitation Of Granting Licenses To Industrial Facilities, Official Gazette (Andersen Tax & Legal Egypt)
Employment Law In Egypt 2018 (Andersen Tax & Legal Egypt)

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