Financial Crimes

Economic Crime is a broad category of criminal charges referring to taking possession of money or other items of value that do not belong to you. Economic crimes include various forms of fraud, computer crimes related to cyber fraud, crimes of tax evasion, money laundering, embezzlement, forgery and bribery. Economic crimes extend to include crimes that fall on corporate businesses such as those related to information technology, trademarks, commercial counterfeiting, and the environment.

All of these charges can become extremely complicated and require a particular skill set, as well as sensitivity on behalf of the attorney to fully comprehend the impact of the case. Naturally, the attorney also needs to be fierce and have a thorough understanding of the surrounding laws which may affect the case at hand.

Whatever the nature of the dispute, our attorneys are well equipped to handle all matters related to financial crimes. Andersen in Egypt has an exceptional track record of working with corporations, banks and individuals, all of whom have benefited from our straight-forward, realistic and seasoned advice.

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