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At Andersen Egypt, we stand distinguished among the leading arbitration law firms in Egypt, delivering unparalleled dispute-resolution expertise on both local and international platforms. Our legacy in the field is illuminated by a consistent record of successful outcomes in multifaceted arbitration matters.

In the complex landscape of business disputes, the depth of expertise and experience becomes paramount. With some of the foremost Arbitration lawyers in Egypt on our team, Andersen Egypt embodies a profound understanding of arbitration processes and the unique challenges businesses encounter within the Egyptian market.

Every arbitration case we undertake is handled with unwavering dedication, precision, and comprehensive analysis. As one of the premier arbitration law firms in Egypt, Andersen Egypt is adept at managing intricate arbitration challenges, consistently turning them into unequivocal successes.

Entrusting Andersen ensures that you’re aligning with a legacy of arbitration expertise and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our Arbitration lawyers in Egypt maintain the highest professional standards, promising our clients the pinnacle of outcomes they envisage.


  • Pre-arbitration consultations: Evaluating available options and providing advice on whether arbitration is the best choice for dispute resolution.
  • Case preparation and presentation: Working with clients to develop a strong strategy and prepare and present the initial arbitration applications.
  • Representation during proceedings: Offering legal representation throughout all stages of arbitration proceedings, including negotiation, mediation submission, and participation in hearings.
  • Agreement preparation and review: Working on the preparation and review of relevant agreements, including arbitration agreements.
  • Post-proceeding advice: Assisting clients in understanding and implementing the decisions made by the arbitrator, and if necessary, pursuing legal issues related to the enforcement of awards.
  • International arbitration: Providing support in international arbitration, which may involve specific rules and procedures.
  • Commercial arbitration: Handling commercial disputes through arbitration, including disputes between corporations, or between corporations and investors.
  • Representation in arbitration courts: Not only providing support and guidance during proceedings but actively representing clients before arbitration courts, whether local or international. This includes communicating with other parties, presenting evidence, and vigorously defending the client’s interests.

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