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Sylvia Sidrak

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  • Cairo University, Bachelor (Law, English Section)


  • Egyptian Bar Association

Sylvia Sidrak

Partner – Lawyer

Sylvia Sidrak, Partner at Andersen in Egypt, specializes in providing exceptional legal services in the field of corporate law. Her expertise encompasses various aspects of Companies’ Law, with a particular focus on legal due diligence reports.

With Sylvia’s extensive knowledge and experience, she offers comprehensive assistance to clients in matters related to company formation, entity licensing, and corporate governance. She diligently guides clients through acquisition transactions, ensuring a smooth process from start till end. Her expertise also extends to drafting, reviewing, and negotiating commercial contracts and transaction-related documents, such as share purchase agreements, shareholders’ agreements, escrow agreements, management agreements, and disclosure documents.

One of Sylvia’s notable strengths lies in conducting legal due diligence. She meticulously examines the legal aspects of a company, scrutinizing contracts, legal agreements, financial records, and other relevant documents to identify potential risks, liabilities, and compliance issues. Sylvia’s expertise allows her to provide clients with comprehensive legal due diligence reports, enabling them to make informed decisions and mitigate potential legal challenges.

Furthermore, Sylvia is well-versed in advising clients on matters pertaining to employment, labor, and social insurance laws in Egypt. She efficiently handles employment law disputes, utilizing her expertise in litigation and amicable dispute resolutions. Sylvia assists clients in negotiations and mediation between employers and employees, and she navigates the complexities of governmental agencies to obtain licenses and permits for foreign employees. Additionally, Sylvia provides legal support in drafting internal policies and regulations, advising on human resources matters, and guiding clients through personnel integration following mergers/acquisitions, workforce and management restructuring, downsizing, and company closures.

Sylvia Sidrak’s commitment to delivering outstanding legal services, particularly in the areas of company law and legal due diligence, has made her a trusted advisor to numerous clients. Her meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive approach ensure that clients receive thorough guidance and support.

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