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Lena Hamdi

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  • Queen Mary University London, LLB


  • Egyptian Bar Association
  • British Chamber of Commerce


  • Egypt Land of Opportunities 2018
  • Egypt Land of Opportunities 2015
  • Employment Law in Egypt
  • Egyptian Social Insurance System
  • Report on the Governance of the Oil & Gas Sector in Egypt

Lena Hamdi

Partner – Lawyer

Lena Hamdi is a partner and lawyer at Andersen in Egypt. She has extensive experience providing consolidated legal and business advice to companies, and in particular start-ups and technology companies.

Lena’s experience is focused on cybersecurity and data protection, including but not limited to the following: 

  1. Assisting companies in compiling their data inventory and data mapping 
  2. Conducting GDPR audits, privacy impact assessments (PIA) and data protection impact assessments (DPIA) (as per EU and Egyptian Laws) to identify and resolve regulatory compliance issues
  3. Creating privacy policies and frameworks for companies and their employees
  4. Drafting and/or reviewing platform terms and conditions to ensure compliance with local and international laws
  5. Advising merging or multinational companies on cross-border data transfer issues
  6. Advising companies on data breach mitigation and remediation methods.

Lena has also successfully represented clients in technology disputes both in arbitration and litigation. 

Lena Hamdi was also appointed to the Andersen Global Board of Directors in 2018 in her position as Co-Regional Managing Director of Andersen’s Middle East offices.

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