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Helena Constantine

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  • Jean Moulin Lyon III University, LLB (Law)
  • Jean Moulin Lyon III University, LLM (International Private Law)


  • Egyptian Bar Association
  • American Chamber of Commerce

Helena Constantine

Partner – Lawyer

Helena Constantine is a partner at Andersen Egypt, specializing in the realm of tax litigation. Her legal prowess is focused on navigating and resolving complex tax law disputes, making her a formidable and highly sought-after expert in the tax litigation field.

At the heart of Helena’s legal practice lies her exceptional proficiency in tax litigation. She has an impressive track record of successful representations in high-stakes administrative court cases against the Egyptian Tax Authority, often held at the State Council. This specialized focus on tax law disputes has equipped Helena with a deep and nuanced understanding of the complexities and challenges inherent in the tax legal landscape.

Helena’s expertise is particularly prominent in representing clients in sophisticated tax-related cases. These cases often involve intricate issues such as shareholding acquisitions, joint ventures, and intricate corporate finance transactions, all viewed through the lens of tax law implications. Her strategic approach to legal solutions in tax law is tailored to each client’s unique circumstances, ensuring the best possible outcomes in even the most complex tax disputes.

Her credentials are further solidified by her academic background, holding a postgraduate degree in Private International Law from Jean Moulin Lyon III University in France with a minor in tax litigation. This educational foundation, combined with her specialized experience in tax litigation, positions Helena as a leading authority in this field.

Helena’s exclusive focus on tax litigation means that her clients receive dedicated, expert legal counsel solely in this area. She and her team at Andersen Egypt have continually demonstrated their ability to handle challenging tax litigation cases successfully, earning a reputation for excellence and effectiveness in this specific legal domain.

Helena’s expertise and focused approach make her an invaluable asset, capable of guiding clients through the complexities of tax law with skill and precision.

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