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Daily Archives:May 1, 2024

Andersen in Egypt’s Tax Newsletter for May 2024

Tax Alerts.By Developer. June 4, 2024

As the evolving environment of investment in Egypt, there will be arising need to law amendment to face the new imposed issues in the investing changing circumstances that we would like to summarize as follows.

E-commerce and Taxation: How Egypt is Building a Digital Economy

Tax Alerts.By Ismaeel Mohamed. May 1, 2024

In recent decades, the global stage has witnessed a profound shift driven by advancements in information and communication technology, fundamentally reshaping economic and social structures worldwide.

التأجير التمويلي والاعتبارات الضريبية للمطورين العقاريين

Tax Alerts AR.By Mohamed Shaaban. May 1, 2024

يعتبر التأجير من المصروفات الأساسية والمتعارف عليها للممارسة أي نشاط ويعتبر من المصروفات واجبه الخصم طالما مرتبط بالنشاط ومدعم بالمستندات، ويستخدم على مجال واسع في عمليات تمويل الاعمال دون الحاجه للحصول على قروض

Navigating Tax Audits for Pharmaceutical Companies in Egypt

Tax Alerts.By Mohamed Abo Zaid. May 1, 2024

Tax audits are a fundamental part of financial regulation, ensuring that businesses adhere to tax laws and guidelines.

Financial Leasing and Tax Considerations for Real Estate Investors

Tax Alerts.By Mohamed Shaaban. May 1, 2024

Leasing is a fundamental and common expense to exercise any activity which is considered a deductible expense as soon as it is related to the activity and supported by documentation.