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Daily Archives:November 6, 2023

The Future of Egypt’s Healthtech Industry: Regulatory Hurdles and Legal Insights

Legal Alerts.By Joseph Iskander. November 6, 2023

In the shadow of global technological advancements, the healthcare sector is undergoing a significant transformation. Healthcare in Egypt, in particular, is emerging as a dynamic fusion of technology and medicine, heralding a new era of progress and innovation.

Franchising in Egypt: Legal Navigation for International Brands

Legal Alerts.By Joseph Iskander. November 6, 2023

This article delves into franchising in Egypt legal framework, emphasizing vital considerations and opportunities for international brands.


Publications.By Developer. November 6, 2023

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The Legal Framework for Outsourcing to Egypt

Legal Alerts.By Joseph Iskander. November 6, 2023

The surge in globalization and technological expansion has ushered in an era where businesses are continually exploring optimal methods to bolster efficiency while curbing expenses..