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Daily Archives:November 3, 2021

Legal Alert 164 AR

Legal Alerts AR.By andrew sultan. November 3, 2021

التزوير في حقيقته هو إلباس الباطل ثوب الحق، بتغيير حقيقة الشئ بالحذف أو الإضافة او الوصف ، مما يحدث تغيير جوهري في محرر ما، بإحدى الطرق التي نص عليها القانون،

Legal Alert 164

Legal Alerts.By andrew sultan. November 3, 2021

Forgery, can be defined as tampering with information through deletion, addition, or alteration in a manner which causes fundamental, change by one of the ways stipulated by law. Such modifications could potentially cause harm to others as they are intentionally founded on deceit.