Historical buildings

Legal Alert 125

Properties Protected Against DemolitionLaw No. 144 of 2006 In recent times, many urban areas and buildings of architectural and historical significance have suffered severe damage, including destruction, degradation, and demolition of essential parts, due primarily to the lack of awareness of their cultural values and continued urbanization. Faced with that situation, it has become necessary…

Agent's Limit In Law

Legal Alert 124

Agent’s Limits In Law In today’s modern economy, globalization has caused a massive expansion in trade and industry, and has normalized the need to hire agents to act on behalf of an individual or a company in a new jurisdiction. This has resulted in a level of uncertainty with regards to people’s understanding of the…

Rights of Performers in Intellectual Property

Legal Alert 123

Rights of Performers in Intellectual PropertyLaw no. 82 of 2002 Intellectual property protection has, in recent years, become an increasing area of interest within the legal field, in particular with regards to copyrights and trademark protection. These matters are often discussed in terms of the length of protection provided, and the steps necessary for registration…

How The Vaccine Will Affect Our Economy

Legal Alert 122

The Vaccine & The Egyptian Economy The global economy has experienced a devastating blow as a result of the unprecedented Corona Virus pandemic. This impact can be seen in emerging economies as well in countries that traditionally have been considered economically stable. As is the case in all countries, the Egyptian economy was affected by…


Rebranding to Andersen

Rebranding to Andersen Hearkening the legacy and values of the Andersen name, Andersen Tax and Legal, one of the nation’s largest independent legal, tax and financial consultancy firms, will, from November 11th, operate under the brand “Andersen” to reflect the full scope of services offered by our offices globally.