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Legal Alerts . August 3, 2022

The sale of a third party’s ownership is an act exercised on someone else’s financial rights unlawfully; wherein an individual sells a specific movable...

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Legal Alerts . July 27, 2022

Guardianship over money is a legitimate and necessary authority that grants the guardian the right to supervise a minor's financial affairs.

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Legal Alerts . July 6, 2022

Essentially, this is achieved by separating the payment of the real estate transaction tax from the property registration...

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Legal Alerts . June 29, 2022

A bankruptcy lawsuit is a procedural lawsuit initiated with the aim of proving a merchant’s failure to pay a commercial debt.

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Legal Alerts . June 22, 2022

Legitimate defense is a right granted by law to an individual, allowing him to use the necessary appropriate force to ward off an illegal situation that threatens him...

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