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Legal Alerts . November 3, 2021

Forgery, can be defined as tampering with information through deletion, addition, or alteration in a manner which causes fundamental, change by one of the ways stipulated by law. Such modifications could potentially cause harm to others as they are intentionally founded on deceit.

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Legal Alerts . October 26, 2021

The concept of confession is arguably one of the highest echelons of human rights and individual freedom, due to its role in determining criminal responsibility. As such, it is governed and protected by numerous guarantees to ensure that it is not provided as a result of coercion.

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Legal Alerts . October 18, 2021

High quality cotton can be grown in some parts of the world, However Egyptian cotton has renowned competitive advantages, and is widely regarded as the highest quality cotton in the world.

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Legal Alerts . October 12, 2021

The Sanctity of private life is the belief that all human beings, at any stage of life can enjoy privacy in all aspects of their lives.

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Legal Alerts . October 5, 2021

Another target for the state is to ensure that social insurance protection extends to every Egyptian citizen

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