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Legal Alerts . April 6, 2022

The ownership right is one of the most important rights that are included in all international laws as it impacts the state and its economic, social, and political environment.

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Legal Alerts . March 30, 2022

Recently, the non-banking financial activities sector occupied a prominent position among investment vessels and achieved remarkable returns in the field of consumer finance.

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Legal Alerts . March 22, 2022

Egyptian currency is witnessing today, the largest decline in 5 years to record 18.21 pounds against the dollar, the Egyptian financial and monetary policy remain flexible enough to control prices

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Legal Alerts . March 16, 2022

A lease contract falls under the category of ‘beneficial contracts’ in which the lessor grants the right to a particular property to a lessee for a specified period, in exchange for a certain price.

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Legal Alerts . March 8, 2022

Contracts are characterized by the’ principle of consent’, defined as the agreement of two or more natural or juristic entities, to enter into a binding legal relationship..

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