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Legal Alerts . June 28, 2021

The new resolution introduces several obligations to be imposed on the entities licensed by FRA to conduct non-banking financial activities, in addition to highlighting the necessity of abiding by such obligations, since they are a requirement for the continued issuance of the license to practice these activities.

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Legal Alerts . June 22, 2021

Although public hearings allow the general public’s opinion to be aware of the trial proceedings, and increases confidence in the judiciary system, it cannot by any means be misused in the pursuit of fame in a way that violates the principle of equality ..

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Legal Alerts . June 16, 2021

The Consumer Protection Law of 2018 definitively eliminated the capability of sellers to rely on the principal that ‘goods do not need to be returned or replaced’ after imposing penalties in the event that replacement of a product is refused ....

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Legal Alerts . June 8, 2021

On March 6th 2021, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi issued Law no. 5 of 2021 amending a number of provisions of Tax Real Estate Disposition Law.....

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Legal Alerts . June 1, 2021

The Financial Regulatory Authority (“FRA”) has launched the Egyptian Collateral Registry according to the Movable Collateral Law No. 115 of 2015. Egypt is considered one of the first countries to issue a law regulating movable guarantees in the Arab Region.....

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