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Legal Alerts . October 26, 2022

the Financial Regulatory Authority issued Resolution No. (107, 108) of 2021 regarding the regulations of disclosing environmental, social, and governance practices...

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Legal Alerts . October 19, 2022

Annual leave is a principal right of the employee which the employer is not entitled to withhold. Otherwise, this shall constitute an assault on the employee’s physical and mental health.

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Legal Alerts . October 12, 2022

The Personal Status Law constitutes a set of legal rules that regulate the relationship of individuals among each other, namely descent, marriage...

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Legal Alerts . September 22, 2022

Taxpayers have submitted tax appeals on the tax assessment forms without specifying the aspects of dispute which led to the non-acceptance of the appeal

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Legal Alerts . September 15, 2022

Public Funds Appropriation Crimes take place once such funds have been taken by stealth, force, or deception with the intent of wasting the state’s funds.

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