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Legal Alerts . May 24, 2022

The power of attorney (POA) is established when an agent is obligated to perform a legal act for his principal, with the latter putting some or all of his property at the agent’s disposal in order to authorize him to manage it within the limits assigned to him.

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Legal Alerts . May 18, 2022

Sale contracts are legal instruments that are binding on the contracting parties, wherein each party becomes a creditor and debtor, respectively, to the other at the same time.

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Legal Alerts . May 10, 2022

Digital transformation is an undeniable goal at the forefront of every developing market’s agenda, as it aims to enhance, update, and develop all sectors and facilitate doing business.

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Legal Alerts . April 20, 2022

Acquisition of ownership by prescription is one of the legal reasons for transferring property ownership, due to the expiry of a right that the owner was entitled to..

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Legal Alerts . April 13, 2022

The Nationality Law regulates the relationship between an individual and the state, whether he is a citizen or a foreigner who wants to be naturalized.

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