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Legal Alerts . January 18, 2022

Intellectual property represents a category of intangible properties which are a creation of the mind’, such as inventions, industrial models, trademarks, books, symbols and names.  Such rights are no different from other property rights.

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Legal Alerts . January 12, 2022

it is not permissible to impose income taxes on the profits of these companies throughout the exemption period...

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Legal Alerts . January 5, 2022

Digital evidence is any electronic information that has the strength or evidentiary value that is stored, transmitted, extracted, or taken from computers or information networks and the like, in the form of magnetic or electrical fields or pulses that can be collected and analyzed using special technological devices, programs or applications.

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Legal Alerts . December 28, 2021

VAT is one of the core types of indirect taxation, as it applies to all commercial activities across all levels of the supply chain.

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Legal Alerts . December 20, 2021

Perjury is the intentional falsification of an assertion, whether written or spoken, on a matter which is essential to a judicial procedure.

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