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Legal Alerts . August 9, 2022

The principle of criminal legality is one of the pillars upon which criminal legislation is drafted. This principle is defined in practice as No Crime or Punishment Without Legal Provision supporting these acts.

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Legal Alerts . August 3, 2022

The sale of a third party’s ownership is an act exercised on someone else’s financial rights unlawfully; wherein an individual sells a specific movable...

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Legal Alerts . July 27, 2022

Guardianship over money is a legitimate and necessary authority that grants the guardian the right to supervise a minor's financial affairs.

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Legal Alerts . July 6, 2022

Essentially, this is achieved by separating the payment of the real estate transaction tax from the property registration...

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Legal Alerts . June 29, 2022

A bankruptcy lawsuit is a procedural lawsuit initiated with the aim of proving a merchant’s failure to pay a commercial debt.

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