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Legal Alerts . June 7, 2023

one of the circles in the Court of Cassation referred the appeal of the litigant before it to the General Authority for Civil and Commercial Matters to resolve this difference and establish a unified principle.

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Legal Alerts . May 29, 2023

Egypt's Citizenship-by-Investment program offers a host of advantages for international investors. Explore the advantages!

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Legal Alerts . May 25, 2023

On May 16, 2023, the Supreme Council for Investment approved 22 positive decisions across various sectors and economic domains.

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Legal Alerts . May 16, 2023

If the court fails to alert the defense of the new amendment in the charge, its ruling is based on a flawed procedure that violates the defendant's right to defense.

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Legal Alerts . May 3, 2023

Home search rules were established to protect privacy rights, not to protect the home itself. If the homeowner consents to the search...

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